Custom Retaining Wall, Athens, GA

Bring your backyard to life with a custom retaining wall.

Installing a beautiful retaining wall in your outdoor living space will bring your backyard to life. Retaining walls are perfect for anyone wanting to add a striking visual to their Athens, Georgia yard, so if you’re looking for a way to add some extra flair to your outdoor living space, ask us about how our custom retaining wall installation service can benefit you.

Custom Retaining Wall in Athens, Georgia

Like any yard installation or service that you choose to add to your home, your retaining wall should reflect your individual design taste and interests. That’s why we work with you when building your custom retaining wall to make sure it turns out just how you want it to, from the location to the layout. We also use high-quality Belgard blocks for all of our custom retaining wall jobs, so you know your wall will hold up over time.

In addition to their aesthetic value, retaining walls do a lot for handling runoff rainwater that flows downhill if you have a sloped yard. Their design makes it easier for soil to absorb rainwater. Plus, drainage pipes put in place as part of the retaining wall installation process can handle any excess water that accumulates during heavy rainstorms.

Would your yard benefit from a custom retaining wall? If you’re looking to control heavy rainwater on your sloped yards or just want the aesthetic value that a retaining wall brings, reach out to us here at Landfried, Inc. to get started on designing the perfect retaining wall for your home’s yard.

Custom Retaining Wall in Auburn, GA