Three Tips for Great Hardscape Design

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Our team at Landfried, Inc. has extensive experience in the hardscaping industry, and we want to help you design and build the ideal hardscaping elements to complete your landscape. In this article, we will go over a few tips on how to achieve great hardscape design to help you make your patios, walkways, retaining walls, and other hardscaping elements the best they can be.

Three Tips for Great Hardscape Design

1.  Consider the Whole Landscape- To achieve the best results with your hardscape design, you should always consider the hardscape element in the context of the whole yard. Even if you only plan to build one structure, you should always consider how you might want to add more elements later—for example, if you want to build a patio, make sure your design doesn’t prevent you from adding a walkway later.

2.  Make Sure to Consider Drainage- When it comes to hardscape design, one mistake that many people make is neglecting to think about drainage issues. Make sure your design addresses drainage concerns and your new walkway, patio, or other structure will channel water away from your home and not towards it. In addition, it’s wise to think about installing ways to capture rain runoff to water your landscape with later.

3.  Choose a Focal Point- A third tip for successful hardscape design is to choose a focal point for that design, rather than giving everything equal visual “weight”—landscapes, interior design, and any visual compositions are more successful when the eye has a clear place to go.