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We have more than a decade of experience as a reliable and trusted concrete contractor.

It might seem that concrete projects are pretty cut and dry, but the reality is that you want an experienced concrete contractor to be sure the material and the process followed will give you lasting results. At Landfried, Inc., we have served the Auburn, Georgia area for more than a decade and helped many families with their large concrete project needs. We have installed concrete driveways, walkways, pool patios, patios for outdoor kitchen, and more, always with quality and customer satisfaction as a focus.

Concrete Contractor in Auburn, Georgia

An experienced concrete contractor like we are knows the importance of preparing the area properly, choosing quality materials, and providing ample reinforcement to ensure the concrete remains smooth and doesn’t develop cracks down the road. We never cut corners with our concrete projects, so you can be confident you’ll love our work as much years from now as when we are first finished.

We are also dedicated to customer service, so we take the time to go over your project, understand your objectives and expectations, and answer all your questions. We have to see your home the way you do, so we can bring your vision to life, and we are happy to go the extra mile to be sure that is the case.

If you would like to know more about what we have to offer as a reliable and trusted concrete contractor, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We welcome the chance to evaluate your property and learn about the concrete projects you have in mind.

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